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  1. Hi y'all!

    I am a bit worried about applying for the online program at UTA! I am applying for the fall 2018 term and I am currently about to graduate from Texas A&M University with a Bachelors in Nutritional Sciences! My GPA is 3.45 and my science GPA is 3.3. I am taking microbiology now and I expect to make a B in the course.

    I'm worried that my GPA is not high enough and was hoping to hear what the typical GPA acceptance is at UTA. I also will be taking Patho/Pharm and a couple other pre-reqs before the start date.

    Thank you
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  3. by   bella_
    Hi anto361. I am currently enrolled at UTA in the prereqs, and I spoke with an advisor last week concerning the BSN program. According to her, 3.75 GPA is competitive, but having a Bachlor's degree will definitely help you. I'd email an advisor to get her advice. Good luck and congratulations on your degree!
  4. by   CarleMeier
    I've got some co-workers that are in the program and love it so it got me excited about it. I've applied to UT Arlington (not the BSN program yet) and Sent all my transcripts. I'm waiting to hear if I was accepted to the college and what pre-req's I would need to complete. I have an Associate degree in Early Childhood Education and I'm currently an LVN. I just figured out that my overall GPA is 2.98 and for just my 4 sciences 2.75 which is the minimum requirement. :-/ Sooo my questions are basically, what else do they take into consideration for acceptance? Do I still have a good chance of being admitted since I'm already an LVN?

    Also, I'm in San Antonio so I'm wondering what hospitals they have here set up for clinicals and they are weekend only like I've been told?
    Thanks for any helpful advice!!
  5. by   jozzy52
    I have applied for Fall of 2018 with a 3.6 overall gpa and a 4.0 for sciences and I have two considerations (a previous bachelor's and 12 hours of UTA science). I will more than likely be waitlisted with those stats based on what I've seen with those applying for the spring of 2018. There are people with 4.0 gpa's and mulitple considerations that are waitlisted. I've heard that it is difficult to get into the online program unless you are already partnered with a hospital. So I also applied to on campus because I really need to start this next fall.
  6. by   anto361
    Did you have to apply to UTA twice to be able to apply for the online and on campus program? Or did you submit one application to the school and then did two supplemental applications (one for the online program and one for on campus) ?
  7. by   jozzy52
    I just applied once to the school and then I had to submit two supplemental applications for online and then campus based. I just copied and pasted my answers into a word document and then copied and pasted them back into the second application since the questions were almost all the same.
  8. by   adelam
    From my understanding there is one hospital in san antonio and only ten slots, with your GPAs I'd advice you to retake some classes if you want to get in.