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  1. I am currently an LVN working in a small town ER. I've been an LVN for quite some time, and I'm trying to get into UTA's BSN program. I still have a few prereqs to finish, but I'm having a VERY difficult time getting information from an advisor. I'm getting really frustrated and feeling quite anxious. Does anyone have any advice on how to get started in order to make the transition go a little more smoothly? (I have filled out my application, etc.) I was directed to one advisor that was very adamant that UTA does not have an LVN-BSN bridge program. Even after saying (4 times) that I completely understand and that I am interested in the BSN program... I still get the same response. "UTA does not offer an LVN to RN bridge program."
    Thanks in advance.
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    Hey ernursek!

    I am not too fond of UTA counselors...but the best thing I can say for you to do is still make an appointment. Finish out your prereq's and take your HESI exam and apply by the deadline. I mean that's really it. The advisor isn't going to tell you too much but what classes you still have left to take and that you need to make A's. Hope I helped somewhat...not quite sure of what you are asking.