UT Arlington AP BSN online Spring 2017

  1. Hi there I know it is early but I'd like to start a thread for applicants to the Spring 2017 online BSN.

    My stats are as follows:
    Reading Comprehension - 92
    Grammar - 92
    Vocabulary & General Knowledge - 94
    Math - 98
    Cumulative GPA - 3.5
    Science GPA - 4.0

    Summer 2016 I am taking Patho
    Fall 2016 I will take Microbiology and Pharm

    I submitted my apllication 5/4/2016

    Anyone else in Houston?
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  3. by   Jesstad
    Not Partnered
    I do hold a previous bachelor's degree
  4. by   Bekono
    I am so excited to read from you.I live here in HOUSTON Planning to start spring 2017 too.I will like to know which books and study guide you use for Hesi exam
  5. by   Jesstad
    I took advantage of free resources online. Like Youtube videos and practice quizzes. But I feel like the biggest help was using books at Barnes & Noble. I was surprised to see quite a few people up there doing the same thing. Using the book there as if it were a library. I found HESI books at the book store and instead of buying them I studied them there in the store. They have study areas with tables, or for sometime I actually just sat on the floor using the books because all chairs and tables were taken. I highly recommend this because you can read notes and take practice tests from many different books all for free! Also the deadline to apply is June 1 keep that in mind for scheduling your HESI.
  6. by   voishay1990
    I am also applying to the Spring 2017. I am enrolled in intro to nursing and patho for summer and will be taking pharm and technical writing in the fall
  7. by   Jesstad
    That's awesome! Are you taking Patho online? If so, which professor? I am taking it online. My professor is Regina Wilder Urbanand it begins 05/23/2016.
  8. by   julznl
    I was reading the Fall 2016 thread and people keep talking about considerations. I have no idea what they are talking about. Can anyone tell me?
  9. by   vegorman
    I applied today for the AP BSN Spring 2017 and the on-campus BSN Spring 2017. My stats are as followed:

    Reading Comprehension- 88
    Grammar- 88
    Vocabulary & Genernal Knowledge- 88
    Math- 94
    Science GPA- 4.0
    Cumulative GPA- 3.8
    Partnered- John Peter Smith Hospital

    I am enrolled in Pathophysiology for Summer 2016, with Professor Urban. The academic coach is Amy Smith. Jesstad you is your academic coach?
    I am enrolled in Pharmacology for Fall 2016. I plan to submit my Declaratory Order tomorrow. Has anyone submitted a Declaratory Order to the Texas BON? The website states it could take up to six months. How long does it actually take?

    We have dedicated the past few years of our lives for this moment. Now we must play the waiting game to see if UTA accepts our dedication.
  10. by   vegorman
    1. The following information is from the AP BSN Brochure. http://academicpartnerships.uta.edu/...s_Brochure.pdf

      Additional consideration will be given to an applicant who completes the following by the AP BSN application deadline:

      Twelve (12) or more College of Nursing lower-division prerequisite natural science credit hours earned at UTA

      Thirty (30) or more College of Nursing lower-division prerequisite credit hours earned at UTA

      Previous baccalaureate, master’s, or doctoral degree earned in the United States.

    1. Note: Preference will be given to an applicant employed by partner hospital systems offering clinical sites during that semester of admission. Partner hospital systemsand clinical sites vary each semester. To receive preference, an applicant must be employed at the time of the ranking and the rst day of class. Employment at apartner hospital system is not a guarantee of admission into the upper-division nursing program.
  11. by   J.Duck
    I'm applying, too! I live in Katy.
  12. by   Jesstad
    Awesome! I just like the thought of having study partners since we won't have interaction that we would have gotten on campus.
  13. by   Jesstad
    I was thinking about doing a declaratory order just in case. When I was a teenager I had a shoplifting episode. So stupid, but no hiccups since. How extensive is the paperwork for the declaratory order? This was so long ago, I'd have to get a personal background check to actually have the date for the incident.

    My academic coach is Judith Evans. It's kind of stupid we can't see our class in blackboard yet. I wanted to read through our syllabus. Once the course starts I'll have to get your contact info so we can help each other out if ever need be.
  14. by   kinzeeb
    I'm submitting my application tomorrow! I live in Fort Worth

    My stats are:
    Reading Comprehension- 94
    Grammar- 84
    Vocabulary & Genernal Knowledge- 90
    Math- 96
    Science GPA- 3.4
    Cumulative GPA- 3.42

    Previous Bachelor's and working on getting partnered (fingers crossed!)

    I'm worried that my GPA's aren't high enough, so I'm going to have to work my butt off to get A's in the pre-nursing courses!

    I'm in Dr. Urban's Patho class this summer and I'm taking Pharm in the Fall.
    The syllabus for Dr. Urban's class is up now. It's a little overwhelming, but I'm excited to get going with the program!

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