Questions for those who have completed the preReqs/sciences!!!

  1. Helllo!

    I know I have quite some time before I can apply, (feels like it's going to be a loooong journey) but I'm hoping someone could give me their input on what classes to take solo/pair up with/what they found to be hard/easy/advice...

    Science is nOT my greatest subject btw.

    side note: I too am starting this program but previously had a BFA in Visual Communication. With that being said, alot of my "easy" prereqs have been taken care of. I would like some help

    ***also I'm doing the accelerated online program***

    All I have left are:

    AP I
    AP II
    Micro Bio

    Technical Writing

    Intro to Nursing
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  3. by   jozzy52
    I have finished everything except for Patho and Pharma which I will be taking this spring but through MVC. From my experience, I would not pair up any of the sciences together unless you have a lot of time on your hands. I think you could pair up Micro and technical writing without a problem, and intro to nursing was pretty easy too. I would pair that up with one of the A&P classes if I were you. I did well in Chemistry but I know a lot of people who struggled with it. In my opinion, the class was not taught well so that made it more difficult. I've been told to not take patho and pharma together at UTA because they are very difficult. I hope this helps some.
  4. by   tmldt1
    Fall of 2017 I took Pharm and Patho together.Worst mistake cause both classes covers a lot of information.I was so stressed trying to keep up with both classes.I ended up Passing Pharm with B and dropping Patho cause I didn't want to chance failing the class and mess my GPA up.The Patho class is tough.I waisted money on the book and study guide for the class.There is no need for the book cause the teacher has Reading packets to read that she puts together.The test are based on the Reading Packets you print out.My advice is to take it by itself cause it's a difficult class.