Question about registering for classes after N3645

  1. I am currently taking N3645. A few weeks ago I registered for nursing classes to take after N3645. My adviser just email me and told me that he is dropping me from these classes as I need to complete N3645 before I could register for other nursing classes. What? So my question is, how long did you have to wait before you could register for another nursing class? N3645 ends February 14 and the next nursing classes start on Feb 24th. Will this be enough time for me to get into one of those classes?
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  3. by   MBrickle
    There should be enough time. The best way to go about registering is to look at all the courses you need, how many you want to take in a semester and then look at when they are offered. That way, as soon as you are done with prof nursing, you can register for all the rest for the semester. It should be fine!