NURS 4325 Research Start Date 5/20/2013

  1. I am hoping others will join this thread and we will be as successful as in previous classes. Relax with our well earned week off. See you on May 20th.
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  3. by   krazylady
    I'll be joining in. Trying to relax now that the bear that was assessment is behind me!
  4. by   vizzle
    I will be there with you! I posted previously for other classes, and it didn't start any great dialogue. Hopefully this one will be different.

    Does everyone have their books yet? I think I bought the last instock copy at amazon.
  5. by   rnmalex
    I'll be in research 5/20 as well. Hope it goes smoothly!
  6. by   vizzle
    Where is everyone from? I am from CT.
  7. by   ScarletFire
    I'm with you. Heard nasty stories about this class. Hope they are wrong.
  8. by   mom3boys
    I am starting this class 5/20. Would love to be a part of an online group. I have a friend who just finished the UTA program. All A's in all the nursing classes except this research class! Makes me very nervous, but I will be as determined as in all my other classes. Happy to find this thread...
  9. by   mom3boys
    Bought the book, on Amazon. Understanding Nursing research, by Burns. The online syllabus has this book listed as required, however the UTA link to the bookstore has a different book listed as required and this one as optional. Not sure which one will be useful
  10. by   TheERMurse
    Just finished this class, the quizzes are pretty rough. Everything but the quizzes consists of group work. Grading on some of the assignments is interesting with the mentors and lead teacher differing on interpretation. You will be dividing up the work, make sure you have everyone submit a day or two before the deadline. You need the time to put the assignment together before submitting it. It also let's you see the weak links in the group and correct anything. My group ended up with everyone passing with A's or B's. Also listen to the podcasts, the lead teacher gives you critical instructions on the assignments.
  11. by   ScarletFire
    Hi mom3boys,

    Hmmm, I checked the UTA bookstore link as well as the required book list for nursing classes and the books are the same (Understanding nursing research text w/ study guide by Burns and Grove). Maybe I'm not looking in the right place. Recommended books are APA guides.
  12. by   RN-LOGIC
    I start the class as well. A little bit nervous.
  13. by   laskydncr
    We will be a team of support. We can do this!
  14. by   ScarletFire
    Hi laskydncr,

    i hope so. it does help to have a place like this forum to come to during classes like this.