I just got accepted in nursing program On campus Spring 2018

  1. Oh my god.
    This is my best day ever

    I will start J1 for this coming spring semester.
    I am sad that many of good friends got wait list.
    I really hope I can start J1 with them and others who are wait listed now.

    Some people might wonder who are quality to accept
    In nursing school, which I still don't know yet.
    But I can give my information if that helps.

    I was a transfer student.
    I only attended in UTA one year and I am having a semester off now since i took all classes including pre nursing.
    I took all pre nursing course in UTA (patho, pharm, intro) 2 upper division elective classes (medical term and women's health), and one lower division class.(technic writing)

    I also took a language class for each semester just for fun.

    I took all my science (micro, A&P 1and 2, chem) and other prerequisite classes in Community college.

    My science GPA is 3.8
    And overall GPA is 3.5 including all my pre nursing courses when I applied to nursing school, and I got accepted in.

    One of considerations is they are preferred students who took science courses in UTA. That is true. Getting good grade University is harder than in Community college.
    I agree.

    But in my opinion, if you have a good grade, it does not matter whether you took science classes in UTA or community college.
    I know many friends have 3.5 GPA and they are all wait list.
    I highly recommend people to have higher than 3.5 GPA since I see so many friends are wait list with 3.5 GPA.

    I don't know how I got accepted because I have 3.5GPA as well. Or I am guessing they might gave me some exemption since I finished all my pre nursig classes when I was applying. But I would say keep your science GPA high and don't drop down your overall to below 3.6 to be in a safe zone.

    I was scared if I would not accept in because my overall is 3.5 as well, but I guess I was lucky.

    Anyway, I wish everyone luck who are accepted in nursing school and also who are wait list !!!!! I hope we will meet in the same class together eventually !!! I really hope !!
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