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Hello! I am a current student in UTA. I was a transferred student, so I finished most prerequisities classes and all my science courses from a Community College. I finally finished all my... Read More

  1. by   Yunikat
    No, I don't mind you are asking questions! ( I am willing to help!)
    I decided to pursue a nursing career first, and then I decided to get CNA to qualify to work at the hospital.
    I was also a volunteer at the hopsital (not the hopsital where I am working now, but the different hospital).
    While I was volunteering, I tried to write down all names of devicies and tools that I restocked, and then searched all devices and tools once I get home . And guess what, those knowledge helped me when I started working at the hopsital lol

    But It was hard to get hired in the hopsital at first ( I got so many rejected emails)
    so I actually worked at Nursing home for few months to make a strong resume.
    To be honest, I realized making a professional resume is very very important!

    Once one of my nursing friends helped me to remake resume in a professional way,
    I got 3 hospital jobs offered! I even had 2 interviews on the same day lol
    I was so happy my phone was busy for getting interview calls cause I have never experienced lol

    So put some effort on your resume! It will make your life change lol