Anyone currently enrolled in online FNP program?

  1. Hello,
    I am weeks away from finishing my RN-BSN program at UT Arlington. I did well in the program and the online format was incredibly easy to navigate. Most classes consisted of weekly discussions and an assignment or 2. The only class that took up an extensive amount of my time was Research. I have applied for the online FNP program for Spring 2018 but have also applied to 2 other schools.

    I am wondering what the online FNP program is currently like. Is it pretty much the same format as I just described? And is there any advice for the harder courses? I heard the hardest ones (in general, not UT Arlington) were Advanced Pharmacology and Advanced Pathophysiology. Has anyone taken these yet?

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  3. by   Txorthonurse
    I am currently in the program. I also did an online rn to bsn but not at uta. it was very managable. the np program is managable but guidance is limited. be ready for alot of self teaching. I havent done pharm but patho is a ton of reading. impossible to do it all. i find myself relying on experience alot and hoping i read enough to get through each exam but it is not awful. if you have time to commit its very managable.
  4. by   lcgivz12
    Thanks for the reply! I have seen many posts on here that imply the program is disorganized and frustrating, so it's great to hear that you find it manageable. Do you find the program to be disorganized? Do you have any tips to get ready for Patho? All I have heard is that I should review A&P. Thanks!
  5. by   Txorthonurse
    yes it can be disorganized/frustrating but if you follow the rubrics/course expectations its not awful. I think having the time to commit to self learning is rare. but for those that do take the time to read all instructions expectations its ok. patho is hard. I would get an old patho book and brush up on the basics fluids electrolytes, acid base, action potentials. after that it goes system by system. best of luck.
  6. by   lcgivz12
    Thanks! Which courses for you have been the easiest so far?