Acute Care Pediatric Nurse Practitioner online UTA Spring 2017

  1. Hi guys! I just got my acceptance email to the AC-PNP online accelerated program at UTA for the April 2017 start date. Anyone else out there applied for this program? I would love to talk to people who could possibly be in my cohort! Also if there is anyone out there who is already in the program or has graduated, I would love to hear any pointers or tips you may have. Thanks!
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  3. by   Determined621
    So I ended up having to delay my start date until July 03, 2017. Anyone starting on this date? My first class is Nursing Theory. Excited!
  4. by   pvnurse2014
    Hi! I have recently been accepted, but I delayed my start until November.
  5. by   joniedcr
    I start July 3, as well in Nursing Theory. Very exciting..lots of luck
  6. by   lindatpham
    Hello, starting july 3rd as well. was going to start a facebook group.
  7. by   lmhedge
    I am starting August 14th. Excited and nervous .
  8. by   deliserenee
    I start November as well! Thank God I found this thread
  9. by   aggiegirl13
    Starting in January! Would love to hear from any current students on how everything is!