University of South Alabama (USA) Accelerated BSN/MSN


Hi, my wife is considering applying for the Accelerated BSN program at USA. She currently has her BS in Health Education from USA and the only prerequisite she lacks is Microbiology. Her over all GPA is probably 3.4+.

Based on all of that, is there any advice anyone can give or recommendations? Would it be of any significant benefit to go for the MSN instead?


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hey just a quick fyi, in nursing, u cant get a msn unless your bachelor's is in nursing - (you have to have an RN first, either BSN, or ADN if you're doing a RN-BSN-MSN crazy route) so she'd have to have a BSN first anyways. As far as the accelerated track is concerned, anything under a 3.7 would be a long long shot ( at south over 100 people apply for like 20 accelerated spots and they all have prior bachelor's). Hate to say this but her best option would be to apply for traditional (it's only 4 mos longer, plus accelerated program is INSANE, seriously, you'd rather her do that) In any event talk to the Admissions counselor at the college of nursing, her name's Mavis.


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this is not true you can opt for an entry level in the MSN program for those with a BA or BS in a different field. I know b/c im comparing the different programs available...whhere are you located. doa board of ____ state bursing to find approved programs...good luck....


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Understood, but it is are talking about the two year (one yr Accell BSN + one yr Accell MSN) track. You don't just go straight from having a BS in something else to taking MSN classes. I believe that's the way it came across. You have to get the BSN first beforehand in the first yr. In either event, when I spoke to the admissions counselor she told me that she would be happy to take my application, but anything under a 3.75 gpa for the accelerated track is really a waste of an application fee. Not trying to shoot anyone's dreams down here, I too thought that the idea of earning a BSN in 12 months was a great idea...but take it from someone who is currently enrolled in the college of nursing - there are better schools out there, if I could go back in time I would have gone to one of them.


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You do not have to have a BSN to come into Gardner-Webb's program - only take 2 or 3 undergraduate BSN courses online as pre-requisites.

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