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University of Rochester- Accelerated Program

jodianh jodianh (New) New

Hey :)

Is there anyone out there who applied for the spring 2015 accelerated program at UR??? Has anyone received a response as yet???

Hi there jodianh. I applied for the ABPNN for Spring 2015, had my interview in late July and am waiting to hear whether I've been accepted. I emailed Admissions last week to check up on the status of my application and I was told no decisions have been made, but by the end of September. According to a thread on this site last year around this time, people began reporting they were getting phone calls around September 18th. So, the earliest we could hear something is this week. I hope we get in!

Hi Billy D... i feel like checking my mailbox now :) ( its 10:40 pm in MA)... yep i am that nervous and anxious! I did my interview in mid july. Must admit that in the end i did not feel completely confident about it.. Fingers crossed...

did you apply to other schools?

I think we all feel like that in some capacity. Currently I have not applied to others schools. I live in Rochester and I'm from the area, so ideally I would like to stay here for school. I want to complete my degree in an accelerated program and UofR was the closest option. Where in MA are you from? What made you interested in nursing?