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University of Rochester ABSN with no medical experience


Hi all,

I'm interested in applying to the University of Rochester's ABSN program most likely for next spring start as I am still finishing up my pre-req's. I have a bachelor's in Psychology with a GPA of 3.3. As for my prerequisites I have an A in Anatomy, B in Statistics, A- in Developmental Lifespan, and A in Intro to Psychology. I am signed up to take Physiology and Chemistry (which is not needed for U of R's program, however I am taking it as I am applying to other programs as a back up) this upcoming semester and Microbiology and Nutrition this summer. After graduating college I worked for about 4 months with the DD population (low functioning) and I now work as a Residential Counselor for a group home with people with mental illnesses. Here I have a diverse role including case management duties, supervising medications, creating and helping clients work on service plans etc. I have been in this position for the past 9 months and was recently promoted to a similar position at another site in the company working with the same population only as a Residential Service Coordinator. The only volunteer experience I have is when I volunteered at a non-profit agency working with children/youth the summer of my junior year of college (again not medical experience). I am wondering with my background if I have any chance of getting into the ABSN program at U of R as I have no actual medical experience but I am at least working in the human services field. Anyone get into the program with a background similar to mine or just unrelated to the medical field in general? All thoughts are welcome!


i was just recently accepted to the program for this may 2012, and i had a 3.9 GPA, no medical experience whatsoever (i did work as an elderly caregiver but it wasn't medical, just companionship) and had babysitting/customer service experience from summer jobs throughout college. I did have a good statement of purpose (i think), but I think if you have a high GPA (mainly in the prereqs) and do well at your interview, you should have a good shot! but beware...this program is EXPENSIVE!! I also applied and was accepted to Binghamton University (public tuition! if you are from NYS) which is an excellent program but much cheaper, and still just 12 months. I'm currently deciding btwn which program to attend and having a very difficult decision. good luck to you!

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Congrats on your acceptance to both programs! I am going to apply to U of R because I don't think I want to re-locate, and I literally live 5 minutes away from the campus already lol. I wish Binghamton was closer because I'd definitely apply there too. I'm probably not going to have a 3.9 GPA in the pre-reqs but I'm hoping I come close. I'm also applying to MCC's 2 year RN program and if I don't get into U of R then I will hopefully get in to MCC's program, and I'll just do the one year online program at U of R after I get my associates. I am eager to get my RN though so I hope I can get into the ABSN at U of R. Have you made a decision yet or still working on it? I wish you luck in whichever program you choose!