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I would like input from anyone who may have experience with this program. My goal is to teach. I am seeing that the PhD is becoming the standard in academia. Not a lot of opportunity for an MSN like me. I have done staff development in the past. Living and not totally loving life at the bedside again. I do like to keep my hand in clinical nursing but it is grueling, mostly due to the management strategies in place at my facility. I would love to be flex or PT and teach FT. I would love to be a CNM but I do not have the time or $ to devote to return to school FT. UND faculty I spoke with tells me I can do PT and stretch it to 5-7 years if need be. Thanks to anyone who can help!

Check out the DNP, can be done part time and is much shorter than PhD. You will need a Phd if you want to do research, many schools are accepting DNPs into tenured tracks that have a clinical or educator focus. I have not heard of many schools not allowing DNPs teaching jobs, the purpose of the DNP is to allow clinically focused individuals into advanced teaching positions.

Alot of people complain that the DNP will reduce the amount of research nurses do, but honestly the people who go through the Phd programs just to teach or gain administrator jobs don't add to the body of knowledge anyway. Might as well let them keep a research utilization role and not a research producing role.

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