University of Missouri-St Louis, EKU, University of Alabama

Nursing Students School Programs


Hi! I have applied to the following schools:

*BSN to DNP PMHNP at the University of Missouri- St Louis for Fall 2023 (August start) or Spring 2024 (January start)

*MSN PMHNP at Eastern Kentucky University for Spring 2024 (January start)

*BSN to DNP dual concentration FNP/PMHNP program at the University of Alabama for Spring 2024 (January start)

Does anyone have an experience with these schools? If so, what was your experience like? Has anyone else applied for the same terms and programs that I have at these schools? Just looking for some information and guidance in case I am accepted into more than 1 of these programs. 

Hello, did you choose a school?  Any info on EKU?

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