University of Michigan-Flint Nursing Acceptance?


Hello everybody, currently I'm in the process of taking my pre-reqs to apply to the Nursing program, I still have a good amount to take, but what scares me is hearing so much about the acceptance rate. Currently I have a 4.0, but as much as I would like to continue with such a high GPA, I don't think I will be able to maintain a 4.0 in the future with the tackling of future classes. My question is to people that have already been accepted into the Basic BSN at University of Michigan-Flint:

- I understand the school wants a GPA of 2.0 or higher, but I know realistically it is higher than that, I plan to try to stay with at least a 3.5 or better, would I still be eligible even with a GPA like that?

- I plan to take a few classes at Mott and transfer them over because of them being cheaper and also because I heard they are alot easier to take there, would this affect me getting in?

- Currently I'm in the process of volunteering at American Red Cross and hopefully soon to be Hurley Medical Center as well, would volunteering help me stand out amongst other people?

- I don't mean to offend anybody by this question, but I'm a male as well and I understand that the Nursing field is starting to grow with males because of their upper body strength to help individuals, would this help me in anyway of getting into the Nursing program?

I've always wanted to be a Registered Nurse and like others am working my butt off for it to be a dream come true, but hearing all these rumors about they only take 45 applicants a semester, 90 people a year, really intimidates me and makes me worry that I won't be good enough to get into the program. Anybody have any useful info that has already been accepted to the program and knows what to watch out for specifically when applying to improve my chances?




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Have you been to the information meetings? They have them once a month, the women who accepts the applications and gets the first look at them holds them and gives you pointers about how to have a strong application. She said this month that about 120 people apply each round for 40 seats, but about 30 get thrown out right off the bat because of incomplete applications or not following directions (immediate 'no'). She said on the transcripts, the first thing she looks at is the Patho class, where you took it (supposed to be the hardest of all of the colleges around) and what grade you got. If you took it at UM flint and got a good grade (B or higher) that makes for a very strong application. If you take the science classes at UM flint and got good grades, it looks better. Also, it makes for a strong application if you get a reference from a UM flint instructor, preferably a science. She also said the average GPA of applicants is about 3.5. They look at your prereq GPA, as well as your last 30 credit GPA. I would highly advice an information meeting if you haven't already gone to one. They are very informal and you can ask any question you want.