University of Miami Nurse Residency


Hi Everyone!

Since theres barely any information available on this incredible residency, I'll share my application experience.

1. I applied online. One of the most simplest applications I did.

2. I received an email like a week after the application process closed, with a time and date for my interview

3. I interviewed with the heads of the available departments at UMH. I walked into this impressive looking conference room, and the 3 heads were sitting there with their scrubs on and folders containing my resume and a page for their notes. 

4. The interview process took no longer than 5 minutes for me and some other applicants. The interviewers were SUPER nice. Really helped ease the stress. They asked me questions about my nursing school experience, my personal goals and interests and about my availability. 

5. The next day, I received a notification that a new application was sent on my behalf. When I opened it, it was for my preferred floor.

6. 2 days past and I got a call from HR officially offering me the position and asking me know what time and day I was available to come sign.