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University of Cincinnati WHNP FALL 2020


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I got accepted to start the WHNP program in August 2020. Anyone else starting as well? Or any previous students have advice how the first few semesters go? Also, best hint for finding preceptors? I am already reaching out to people I know to see if they know of anyone. I'm starting the program with 2 classes instead of 3. (I think the difference was complete the program in 2 years vs 2 years and 4 months) so I chose the longer as I'm still working.

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I’m applying to this Summer 2021 semester, and am wondering how your first few classes have gone. I’d love to hear your experience so far!


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I have applied for the UC WHNP program. If I am accepted, I will start in thr Fall 2021. For those of you who are enrolled or have graduated, any feedback is well appreciated. I am very nervous to start this journey. My biggest concern is year 2 with clinicals. I work M-F from 8 to 4:30pm. Unfortunately, I am unable to  go down part-time. Thank you all in advance.