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Specializes in SICU Shock Trauma.

Hi everyone,

I'm making this topic for the UB Nurse Anesthesia 2026 cohort. Please feel free to post anything relating to the incoming class. Welcome, and I can't wait to meet you all in May!


Specializes in STICU, Neuro ICU.

Anyone having issues accessing their UBmail or student health portal? 

Specializes in SICU Shock Trauma.

Yes I’m having the same issues. I haven’t been able to access my UBmail at all. Maybe things will open up after the deposit deadline is passed? 

Specializes in STICU, Neuro ICU.

I was hoping for that too. Nice to know that someone else understands my problem haha. Thank you.

Hey everyone, just got called off waitlist this morning! Excited to meet you all may 30! Can I just ask, do you all live close to Buffalo? I'm coming from the city and will have to start to look for housing.

Specializes in STICU, Neuro ICU.

Congratulations! I'm coming from new jersey so I'll be looking for housing as well. There will be Q&A sessions from Feb 20th-22nd where I'll probably be asking questions on housing.

Specializes in SICU Shock Trauma.

I'm also from New Jersey! Been looking at places on real estate apps and taking recommendations from upperclassmen

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Coming from CA and I definitely need to look at places sooner than later. 

Specializes in SICU Shock Trauma.

I know we have that info session in a month, but has anyone been able to log into the health portal for immunizations or the email? And we haven't had to pay anything other than the deposit right?

So far all I have done is activate my UBIT, pay the deposit and submit verification for in-state tuition. I get an error message when opening email and I haven't tried to access the health portal yet. Is that through the student portal? Also for those taking out loans, have you filled out a FAFSA yet? I've tried getting answers from financial aid office but didn't reach anyone. 

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