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I am finishing up my BSN (accelerated program, I have a BA in journalism). I know I need at least 1 yr critical care experience (I'm currently working in the ED of a Level One Trauma Hosp as a tech, plan on moving into CTICU as a tech and then into a nursing position when I graduate)...

Does anyone have any information on the Univ. of New England's NA program? Anyone go there?

My husband is one year ahead of me in school, and we're both planning on going to NA school after getting some experience. I'm from the update NY area and would like to relocate to New England (currently living in Lexington KY). Thanks for your thoughts!


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I sent you a PM.


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Some of the basics differences in programs are the only real issues, I think. UNE is not an MSN granting program, but that is just fine for many people. If you don't mind taking organic (a definite prereq) before applying, it may be a good choice. All in all, the Portland area is a little bit (though not much) cheaper than the rest of New England to live in. Other schools in NE are BC and Northeastern (Boston) and several associated with the Central Connecticut State University (Bridgeport, New Britain, the RI program, perhaps another? can't remember off the top of my head.) Anyway, as you probably know, they also have the DO school there in Biddeford. I don't, however, suspect you would be competing for anesthesia time with residents, tho not sure.

good luck! PS....is there not a program in KY (?Madison, I think)....such a lovely state....and much more affordable....I would love to live there......

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