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Hi! I'm trying to find out information about University of Maryland Baltimore's CRNA program & interview process. Anyone attend or interview there? I haven't been able to find much information and would appreciate ANY insight. Thanks!!

hello! i am a ms/cnl student at umb, so i don't know a whole lot about the crna program. with that being said, i am very interested in attending their crna program some day.

what i can tell you is that the instructor of one of our cnl classes arranged a session where all of the program directors of the advanced practice specialties came to do a little "commercial" for their program. the director for the crna program came and talked to us about his program. i took notes on what he said, so if you pm me with your email address, i would be more than happy to send them to you. he did not say any extra information that the website does not mention, but it was nice to actually hear about the program from someone on the inside. also, i must say that he seemed like a really nice guy, and it will be a shame when he retires from his position as program director in the near future.

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