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Unitek vs Carrington

Hello Everyone

I am currently looking at the San Jose Carrington College and San Jose Unitek College LVN programs. I am not sure which program to choose and I was wondering if anyone here had any experience from taking the program or the feel from it?

Carrington is more updated with their technology and have moved to a bigger site. It is right up the street but it is Monday through Friday, 8-5 and is 12 months.

Unitek has been at this location for three months and if I start here, then it will be the first nursing class at this location. They offer two different times for school which is Monday through Friday either 8-4 for 11 months OR 5:30-10:30PM and this is 15 months. They do not seem as high tech but I know that ultimately doesn't matter.

I got a more $$ vibe from Unitek but I do like their night school program as I can continue working part time and focus on getting my son to and from school (my husband will hopefully be moving to mornings)

But I have also been told it will be hard to keep my job and move forward, so I am wondering if I should just try and put my son in daycare after school and then focus on nursing full time during the day.

Unitek starts next month where they do the pre-req's and then test you. If you do good then you start June, if not then in August.

I have a test at Carrington this Friday to take the HESI and then from there we will move forward with everything else (letters of recommendation, background check, physical and TB, etc.) - which I haven't yet heard of from Unitek.

So, any thoughts?


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