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Unitek (South San Francisco)

byt1111 byt1111 (New) New Pre-Student


Hope whomever is reading this is safe and sound during the current situation that we are all in regarding the virus. I'm here in hopes to get some input on Unitek for the LVN program. Has anyone attended? Or is currently attending? If yes, would you be so kind to share your opinion about the pre-requisites? I have a phone interview with Unitek rep next week, so I would like to gather some info prior to my appointment. Any advise or information is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

😃 Yesenia

Hi im looking into the BSN program, I have a call this afternoon. I was told the first year is online. Im not sure im looking in Gurnick also...

Question.. why are you doing lvn? is that your end goal


Specializes in M.A 13 years pre req LVN.

Hi Yesenia. Did you take the pre requisite yet? The interview I had consisted of questions of my background in the medical field. Explain what integrity means to you. Explain how you have solved a problem. Why do you want to be an lvn. I finished my pre requisites on Monday. I passed with an 89% I found it to be overwhelming but doable if you dedicated yourself all day. However I work full time and have 3 kids, so I had warned my husband I would be neglecting them for 3 weeks (I did the 5:30-10:30)


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