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Unit projects and case studies in A&P2.


These are really making me angry because of the way the teacher is doing them. Tell me if this is just "the way it is", or if the teacher is just horrible.

My unit projects make up 10 percent of my grade, and my case studies make up another 10 percent.

She has given us 2 unit projects so far, and they are split up into 2 parts. One you take home and do (which I have gotten perfect grades on), and the other is coming into class and she gives us new 'group questions', which consists of her passing out more questions and putting us in a group and giving us 10 minutes to come up with the answers. Before class we have no idea what will be on these so there is no way to prepare for it. If you are not done in 10 minutes you and your group are just screwed. That being said, it turns into a big google race for each group with us splitting up the questions so we can get done in 10 minutes. The group part accounts for 1/2 of the unit project grade. The case studies are only done in a group.

First of all, I think it is moronic that I am being graded by how fast I can google something and throw a 1/2 assed answer together. Second, why are we sharing grades? All 4 of us in my group have different levels of knowledge and commitment, why should some in the group be elevated and others be brought down? My grades with this have not been bad (I/we have averaged an A on both), but that is hardly the point. I should not gain, or lose, a point based off of someone else's work. Nor in my opinion should I be graded on how fast I can google something.

Is this just "the way it is done"?