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Union University BSN Accelerated Program 2020

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Hey everyone,

I just got into Union University BSN Accelerated Fall Program in Hendersonville. I am so excited and will be starting this August 2020. I hope there are people that have been to Union University recently and I am wondering if any current students or past students can give me insight on the program. I have some questions...

I am a mother with kids and was wondering if there was time to do a part time job? I know there will not be any time for full time job.......If there is no time for a part time job, that is okay. It is not really a priority of mine. I have ton of emotional, mental, physical and financial support. Overall, my main focus is school and my family. I wondering if there was anyone that has done all three things: part time work, school and family. 

Just with nursing school ALONE and not having a part time job, does it conflict with family time?  

How is the schedule for the program?

What is the passing grade for each course?

How is the workload and the studying? 

Any advice and studying tips?

I was told that classes are in the morning on certain days and clinical are on other days and could be a full day...? Can anyone tell me the exact schedule or what y'all went through? 

Any tips would help a lot! 

If there anyone that is going through Union University or had gone through Union University. Would love to pair up with you! Thanks for the time to look at my post!

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