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Hi there!

We are current nursing students, and members of the Student Nurses Association, at the University of North Florida and are here to help with any questions you all might have about getting into the UNF nursing program!

We have just created a Twitter and Instagram dedicated to pre-nursing students so that there's a window into the true atmosphere of a UNF Nursing Student! You can follow us on twitter at @UNF_SNA_BTN and on instagram at UNF_SNA_BTN

We can absolutely say that we LOVE the program! We are very close to each other, our faculty and the community here in Jacksonville, something that sets us apart from other schools in the area.

We wanted to let everyone know that there are a series of workshops titled "So You Want To Be A Nurse" that provide GREAT information if you would like to meet us, get admissions information, take a tour of our facilities and most importantly get our tips and tricks!

The next workshop is November 15th, from 10am - 1pm! You can register online (for FREE) at: http://www.unf.edu/brooks/nursing/information_session.aspx

Best of luck to you all!

We will check in occasionally and see how everyone is doing (and try to calm nerves!)



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I am currently not living in Florida, but plan to move soon. I have been taking gen ed courses with my eye on applying to nursing programs here as well as working. I am interested in UNF, but have concerns about admissions, transferring, GPA requiremnets, etc. What is your advice for me since I am not local yet but want to be prepared. I expect I will have to take more prereqs after I relocate since they are different here.

Much Thanks!


Congratulations on your decision to pursue nursing school at UNF! First thing's first...relax :) Don't be concerned, be determined! I would advise that you have a look at the School of Nursing's website for UNF. All of the prerequisite courses you need to apply are listed there. Often, your prerequisites will transfer, you just need to verify with the Associate Director of Admissions. Her information is also there on the website. We think you will be just fine.

Try to get as good of a GPA as you can, as your pre-req GPA is considered amongst others who will be applying to UNF's School of Nursing. You will also have to take the TEAS exam.

Best of luck to you!!

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