UNE organic chemistry!

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Did anyone take this class online and if so do you have any info on the Final or anything of that sort? Any info is greatly appreciated

Thanks :)

Hey I'm taking the course right now! It's pretty rough a lot of studying on your own unless youre an orgo master. The text is helpful but I definitely am using a lot of other resources to help supplement my learning ie Khan Academy and Freelance teach videos on youtube SUPER helpful. The professor is very helpful in that you can email him and he will get to you right away! Planning on taking the final soon so Ill let you know how it goes!

Hey there, Carpekimmy: can you provide some follow up to your experience with UNE Organic Chemistry? How was the final exam? Did you find anything particularly helpful to prepare? Let me know if you'd prefer to take conversation offline and I can provide email address.

Thanks, in advance for your insight!

So while I was going through the course I wanted to rip my hair off. The text and class is plain Organic chemistry unfortunately for me I learn better in an interactive environment. I hired a tutor and got an A- in the class. For the final be organized. I'm not sure if it is still the same -open book final- but for me it was. I had a lists and tabs and organized equations. Sorry if this post reaches you late. But for anyone else I used Jancie from bright idea tutoring. She was awesome and highly rec..

Hi carpekimmy, I will be starting the organic chem 1 in about a week. Any specific things I should keep in mind? Thanks.

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