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Hi everyone,

I know the job market in WA is not in favor of new-grad nurses right now, but I am willing to go anywhere to find a job. I've lived in Chicago my whole life and want to spend a few years in the Northwest before I get settled down. That being said, where can I look to find nursing jobs that are less conventional, maybe out of the hospital, or can someone give me names of small hospitals that would be more willing to hire new grads? I am willing to go in the middle of nowhere, that is not a problem. Actually, the more mountainy and rural the better for me. I just don't know where to look for out of hospital jobs.

Any advice would help. Thanks!


Nice regional rural-ish hospital in Wenatchee close to mountains, ski resorts, gets snow, etc. Very warm summers with plenty of outdoor activities. Not really in the desert area. Lots of trees, lakes, streams nearby. You might want to check to see if they hire new grads. The area is beautiful there.

The hospitals will not hire new grads here in Wenatchee. They do however have internships that last 3-4 months that may land you a position when its over if they like you enough. If you want to work in a nursing home, its pretty easy to get in. I don't recommend it though as the nursing homes here have high acuity patients/residents and difficult nurse-patient ratios. Also they don't utilize agency, so if an aid or nurse calls in sick and no one can come in to cover, guess what.. you just got nominating for working your job AND their job. I personally think Wenatchee is a pretty place, but for nurses, it is overcrowded with new graduates already (because of the WVC nursing program). Which makes it very hard to get a job in a desirable place. Hope this helps.

I forgot to add, I actually work at a rural hospital in Ephrata, Wa. I LOVE IT there. It is so relaxed. The way they do their scheduling and reporting is easy and they're not making changes left and right. The doctors are nice and actually follow through with your requests. This hospital has only an ED, Medical unit, LTC and assisted living. If only it had an OB (my original nursing desire). I drive an hour to get there every day from wenatchee and its actually a nice drive. On top of everything else the pay is really good for a new grad. With shift diffs and benefits. I HIGHLY recommend it. We are almost always looking for nurses too because its a small town and there aren't very many.

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