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I am a student who will graduate in December, and I am very interested in the UNC Healthcare Nurse residency program. Has anyone here particpated in this program---specifically the Critical Care residency? I hear that its very competitive. Any information regarding this will be greatly appreciated!


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I requested an application packet for there residency program. It's sooooo long! Also, they are very particular as to who can get into the Critical Care area. I believe they require some experience before you can get into that pathway. Other programs are more flexible.

Good luck with that! I decided not to pursue it because I really DO want Critical Care and the only experience I have is from my CC rotation. Oh, well! Instead, I have applied to another residency program in the Triangle Area.


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The uNC new nurse residency program is really a good step up to possibly transition into critical care. CTICU, Surgical/trauma/transplant ICU, neuroICU, Neonatal icu, pediatric icu, and medicine ICU and ED are the units that provide acute care experiences. I participated in the program several years ago, then referred to as CORE. K. Richuso is the nurse education coordinator for critical care and I must say, new nurses or any nurse for that matter who starts out and survives in a critical care (level 1 state referalctr) is a damn good nurse.

I precepted some folks who could not meet the demands of the learning curve, some whom made really bad mistakes and asked not to complete the residency program. One thing is for sure, you will not get bored. As nurse at UNC you will work with some of the best doctors in the US and the research goes on simutaneously.

This program prepares nurses for greater challenges like anesthesia school, some nurses have gone on to med school. You will be challenged so enjoy!

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