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Hey! Just wondering if anyone has heard back for the DNP program? 

Hey! I applied to the FNP MSN program and I haven't heard back. I emailed last week and they said they'd be getting letters out by the end of this month.... So hopefully any day now. 

Hopefully tomorrow! 

Has anyone heard back? 

ciddyp said:

Has anyone heard back? 

Still nothing. Anyone else?? 

I got my acceptance letter for the MSN PNP Program yesterday via email!

Specializes in Cardiac.

I've been accepted for the MSN-AGPCNP program for the fall. Is anyone interested in creating a FB group?

Specializes in Neurosurgery.

I know PsychNP heard back today as well.

I applied to the FNP program and have not heard anything yet. However, when I emailed them in March they said April so hopefully soon! :)

DNP decisions were sent out!

Yipeee I got into the FNP program. Anyone wanna start a FB page

Hey! I got waitlisted. When do you guys have to let the school know whether or not you will be attending? 

For the MSN program, we had to make decisions by April 24th.

sorry you were waitlisted! I hope there's a spot for you!

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