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Hi, I thought I would start a thread for anyone applying to UNC Charlotte/CMC for their DNP-CRNA program that starts Summer 24'.  I applied for their priority application deadline and supposedly interview requests should be emailed prior to June 30th.  Anyone else applied or heard if they got an interview?

Hi! I applied for the June 10th deadline as well! Haven't heard yet about an interview! Good luck!

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I finished my application for the September deadline. Does anyone happen to know how many people apply vs interviewed vs accepted? Good luck to everyone!

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Hi! I interview Friday, I would love to hear after anyone has interviewed how it was/if anyone knows styles of past interviews. I can only find one other thread on here on UNCC! Good luck everyone!!

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@CardsRN2CRNA Congratulations on the interview! I am finishing up my application now so I will be apart of the November interviews if offered. This program is definitely more competitive, I think in the past they only offer nine spots per interview session. Although I heard a rumor they may be increasing this number by a few spots. Let me know how your interview goes. 

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@achris25 Thank you! I recognize your name from the TCU chat, feel free to DM me anytime. I agree- I have heard max 9 each session, I am interested and excited to see how the day goes! I attempted to do the math and I can not see them interviewing more than 40 per session, but who knows!! I will definitely let you know! 

Anyone hear back and planning to go? I am!

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I am! I was accepted & am forsure going! Would love to connect (: 

Same here! Maybe we can make a facebook group? Or shoot me an email to [email protected]

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Here is a link for a FB Group for Spring '27 Cohort!! Can't wait to meet y'all! https://m.facebook.com/groups/1368391617075117/?ref=share&mibextid=S66gvF

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Been a nurse over a year in the MICU/SICU. Applying to the CRNA program for Spring of 2024 start.  I applied for the September 10 deadline. Am wondering if anyone knows when we will find out about an interview if given one! Hoping for the best.


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I received an email today that the second group will be notified before November 6 for interview dates December 14 and December 15. I believe this is a little bit later than last year's cohort.

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