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UMSL Accelerated BSN 2017

zeekay zeekay (New) New

Just wondering if anyone applied to University of Missouri- Saint Louis for the accelerated BSN program starting May 2017. I haven't heard anything back yet and was curious if anyone else had! 🙈

I received my acceptance letter last week. Have you heard back yet?

Yeah, I received mine finally!

Have you gotten your confirmation email yet?

I know this thread is old.But I was wondering if you guys can give me alittle feed back on applying.Did you have all of your pre reqs done before you applied? What was your g.p.a? Do you guys know exactly how many people applied? I'm hoping to apply summer 2018

The only major science I had completed when I applied was bio and I had Chem and microbiology in progress. I had all the non-science prerequisites completed though other than interpersonal communication. My GPA was a 3.8! I honestly have no idea how many people applied.

Ok thank you! I will only have my A&p done by the time I apply. My other science courses will be in progress my current gpa is a 3.7.