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Hello all! So right now I'm looking into applying to the nursing program at UMHB for the Spring 2016 I got C's in all my science classes. And I plan on retaking a few other classes in the summer to boost my gpa to the minimum of 3.0 does anyone know how hard it is to get into this school and I'll even have a chance getting in with the minimum?

Hello. I think you have a great chance at getting in. My Gpa was a 3.03 for the pre req courses and 3.26 overall and I was accepted for this coming fall. I had two c's in my sciences. I would just apply I'm sure you'll get in

62% and I didn't study. I'm sure if you review you can get a good score. But it's not difficult basic math, reading comprehension spelling grammar, and anatomy questions

I got in too, cant wait!!

And I did the same, i swapped out all Cs for A and Bs when i got to umhb and mine for pre reqs hit 3.0 and overall 3.3. As long as you getthe minimum requirements, you WILL get accepted. I have no doubts. Good luck!!

Did you get your schedule yet?

I dont :( not until i have this AP2 transfer when Im done with it, im assuming thats how it works. I chose to do my AP 2 online through straighterline

Do you have all your sciences completed? I'm only missing chemistry I'm taking it in the fall also. I was able to get registered

I have Micro to do in the fall. ..and yoga haha. Ill look for you on fb. :)


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