UMET or Inter Metro (2018)

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I am interested in the BSN programs at UMET and Inter Metro, but am finding it hard to find good information about them online. A lot of people posted about this a few years ago but I am looking for more recent information.

When do these programs start? I think Inter Metro has an accelerated BSN program, but does UMET? Which school is better and why? I've read that some people don't feel prepared taking the boards after, does that depend on the state you take it in? Is California tough? A friend told me to just go down there in person to apply, but is there a better way to contact the schools since their websites aren't so great?

Basically I would love to get an understanding of the two schools and hear from people that are currently attending or recently graduated to see if it is a good option for me.



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hello im starting on august in umet