UMDNJ Nursing


Hey everyone! I am going to start my prerequisites for the UMDNJ accelerated nursing program (Stratford) this fall. I wanted to know if anyone took basic microbiology rather then just Microbiology and got into the program. It still says its for "science and nursing majors," so I am unsure. I do not want to take the regular Microbiology because then I have to take Biology too and that is just more time and money I don't really have at this point. Also I took a math class at La Salle University called Mathematics: Myths and Realities, which dealt a lot with statistics and wondering if anyone thinks they would accept it as the statistics prerequisite. I have tried contacting a couple of people but no one seems to know. Help please!!!

Hello Mama Nurse,

I work in the school of nursing at UMDNJ - Stratford Campus. Please feel free to contact me via the email link on our website: UMDNJ-School of Nursing . At the bottom of the webpage, under admissions tab then overview tab, you will see my email address. Best wishes!