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Hi all!

Is there anyone who is a 1st semester ABSN student at UMDNJ? Or was, recently? I'd like to know what the schedule is like: what classes on which days and for which hours of the day? I'm trying to get a picture of what my schedule would be like (if I get in) and please include what your personal study schedule is/was if you can. I'm asking because I need to join a gym and start working out (family history of diabetes - mum says I need a new life habit of physical activity so I can try and avoid it) but affording it is hard (no job + full time student = broke) and theyre insanely expensive to get a good one (if its just a small room of weights I get bored and would end up avoiding it lol).

So basically I'm going to use people's responses to determine if I would be able to commit to an expensive gym. Right now I would have no problem finding time to go but during an accelerated nursing program? Hmmm. So please if you happen to know what the 1st semester schedule is for UMDNJ ABSN, that would really help.

To be clear, I'm looking for something that looks like this:


morning - free/study time

12:30-4:30pm - anatomy and physiology 2

4:30-6pm - study/free time

6-8pm - statistics


morning-afternoon - free/study time

6-10pm - chemistry


So this would basically tell me mornings are great for having a set gym schedule :D

Thank you

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