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i applied to 3 nursing schools for the 2011 academic year. i am particularly interested in the cnl program at umd and i am wondering what the turn-around time is for submitted applications. my status currently indicates:complete ready for review.what does this mean? how long shoud i wait before i get a response? what is the next step? how much is the deposit if you do get admitted? and lastly, has anyone applied that didn't get in? if you where accepted and graduated/currently attending-how is the course load?

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Hello, TC! I am currently in the CNL program at UMD. To answer your questions...

1. They can take a little while to get back to you with a decision. If I remember correctly, the deadline is Feb. 1 and they usually start sending out the first decisions toward the end of March, beginning of April.

2. "Complete Ready for Review" means that your application is complete and that it is ready to go to the admissions committee. It might change to "Committee Ready" between now and when you get an answer, but I would not worry if your status does not change. When you get accepted it should say "Admit Institution." I know that it can be tempting to check your status every couple of hours, but I would recommend limiting yourself to checking once a day so you don't drive yourself crazy...

3. The deposit was $400 and they apply it to your tuition for the first semester.

Hope that helped. I would recommend looking in the MD nursing programs section. It looks like a UMB fall 2011 thread has already been started, and I am sure that there is some great info on there. Please let me know if you have any other questions about the program in general. I would be more than happy to answer them.


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