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Umass Boston BSN full time tradtional 2016


Specializes in intervenous fluid. Has 6 years experience.

Hello all prospective students! My name is Amanda and I was accepted at UMass Boston for the Spring 2016 semester as a Health and Exercise Science major. This Spring I hope (desperately) to enroll in A&P II and NU212 as both are requirements in the nursing program and they must be taken before clinicals. If all seats fill then I will try again for the summer semester.

Anyway, I sent in my application for the fall 2016 traditional nursing program!!! I am hoping to be accepted.

I have an Associate degree from Massasoit Community as a science transfer. As far as a nursing program, all of my prereq. courses are complete except A&P II. However I do know UMass nursing program traditional does not have pre-reqs. I am more worried in the sense of wanting to get right into nursing with clinicals upon acceptance.

As far as what I look like as a student, I think Im a strong candidate and I really really really want to get into nursing school..

I took the TEAS exam and scored 78% overall (I obviously wanted a higher score)

On the TEAS I scored 75% in Science and 100% in life science :) I served in the Army as an EMT and I also worked as a medical assistant for many years.

I have a 3.95 GPA

Courses I have complete (all with A )



Human growth and development




college alegbra



comp 101, 102




Who else is applying? What are your thoughts?