UMass Boston Accelerated BSN Summer 2017 Application


Hi All!

I am working on my application to the Umass Boston Accelerated BSN program for 2017 and I am struggling to figure out the best way to get them to know who I am as a candidate.

They require the following:

Supplemental Form showing completed prerequisites


2 Letters of Rec

Essay about Professional Nursing

TEAS Score

I feel like these barely even scratch the surface of who I am as a candidate. It doesn't take into consideration my employment history (I've been working in a different field for 6 years), I have research experience, I have some certifications (ACLS and taking a telemetry course). I'm trying to figure out what others might do to make sure they understand I am more than just grades and scores. Has anybody else been working on their application or done so previously? Did you talk about yourself in your essay?

Help is appreciated :)


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I too am looking into UMASS's program, trying to get as much info as possible before I submit. In regards to your application, I would include your time spent in your other career field and the positive traits and experiences that you've gained from it. You can include that in your essay and how it has, and/or will make you a better nurse. You're also proactive in taking your ACLS and EKG courses; there's no shame in including that. Good luck to you! :)


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Hi! I applied to this program, too. Does anybody know when we should expect to hear back? I know the deadline for the application is Thursday, so I'm curious as to how long it will take them to make and deliver decisions about acceptances.

Any insight would be great! And I'd be happy to chat with you all about you application process and your stats, etc.

Good luck to everyone! :)


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At the info session they said usually not until the third week in January 😭


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My status just changed on my application page!! Should have an answer within 14 days..


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I saw that too but haven't seen a letter yet :( I'm so excited and so nervous!!!!!! Any word from any of you?

My status just changed on my application page!! Should have an answer within 14 days..


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My status also changed and I haven't received a letter yet either. I check the mail everyday.....


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I was waitlisted. So I have decided to accept the offer from MGH IHP and the scholarship. Can't wait to start!