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I have a school project to do in which I must compare nursing in the US to nursing in the UK. Any comments appreciated.


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Hi corkyb. I'll give you my observations about nursing as I see it.

From what I can tell from reading posts on this bb over the past year, whether you are a nurse in the US or the UK, you catch h***. The main difference is that each country's health care is under a different economic system. One is socialized (UK) and one is capitalized (US). In the US, in which I live, nursing practice is determined by the nurse practice act for that state. The governor of each state has the power to appoint members for the board of nursing. Therefore, for accuracy, it's rather difficult for me to generalize nursing in the US. Other posters, no doubt can better articulate in writing about their version of nursing in their respective country. Best wishes on your paper.

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