UK nurse converting to U.S Nurse


I have now lived in the UK for 2 years following my partner over here who was unfortunately not a U.S Citizen but finally is now

To stay here I needed a visa I'm on F1 completed the preparation course for international nurses only find out without a Social security No I could sit the NCLEX exam my credential evaluation took 8 months. I'm due to get married in 2 weeks where I will then be able to change my status permanent resident known as the Alien card and finally have a green card. We have paid out a ton of money like immigration attorneys. This statement is in regarding to a nursing discussion working in the U.S is it worth it!

I think it will be worth it even though I will have to do a refresher course to try and pass to NCLEX Exam which I have found out is not easy, even for newly qualified U.S Nurses. I may also have to set an English exam even though my written and spoken language is English. I believe it takes awhile to get use a different countries ways of doing things to say nothing of certain words and phrases I use which Americans do not understand. Back in the UK there were very few Jobs I still stay in contact with one of my Nurse friends who states there was at least 50 applicants for one part-time Registered Nurse position. I feel in the U.S there is much more scoop

in different areas. I have an Aunt who was UK trained Nurse moved to the U.S about 35 years ago and she has always worked in the nursing field.