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UK to Canada Nurse - which province?

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I'm considering a move to Canada, i'm a British trained registered nurse. So, I know my training is not up to scratch (for Canadian/US standards). Before I shell out $650 on the NNAS report - does anyone have any advice as to which provinces I should apply to? (i'm single, no dependents, my background is health visitor/adult trained nurse currently working in EPR configuration but have a lot of experience working in the community)

I know i'd need to do a bridging program but I don't want to be forced to do a programme for a whole year. If possible I'd like to just be able to make up the modules that I'm missing i.e. mat/child health and psych. From my internet research (and I'm very happy to be corrected on this) I'm wondering if some provinces like Ontario/BC are more likely to push you to do a full year's bridging programme and others like NS are happy for you to make up individual modules. What is everyone's experiences?

I'm keen to be able to work in the US as well as I had originally applied there but got to a dead end with trying to make up hours. There doesn't seem to be a way to make up hours there without being a resident whereas in Canada it seems you can get a temporary student visa for healthcare students?

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It depends on you knowing the difference between each province (living cost, weather, pay) and how you think your education will be assessed. Each province has different requirements on "filling the gap." I know Alberta's IEN processing is very slow and backlogged. If you think you will need to do refresher courses, BC and Newfoundland are the quickest. Ontario will be different depending on what "gaps" they want you to fill out and how many courses you will need to take. For some people, it's quicker to get their license transferred in ON. But first, I recommend solving the status issue first before applying for NNAS. BC and most other provinces will not let people without PR or working visas to take their refresher programs.

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