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by Haley M. Haley M., RN (New) New Nurse Student

Specializes in Neuro.

Hey everyone!

I'm graduating this May with my Associate degree. I'm continuing on to my BSN but I am torn between UIC and WGU.

I am very interested in WGU's program but it seems too good to be true... I have heard of people finishing classes in one day, as well as finishing their degree in only a few weeks!

My main concern that I am worried about is that I strive for high grades and I find it very rewarding to see myself doing well in a class and have it reflect on my transcripts. At WGU, you finish with a 3.0 so I am wondering if the WGU program might not be for me because of this.  

Does anyone have any thoughts or advice on which program to choose? Thanks!!

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