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UIC DNP Fall 2009 Applicants?

by bluemedic81 bluemedic81 (New) New

I am applying next month for the DNP program at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) and am wondering if anyone else is. I've met with the program counselor, attended an informational meeting and emailed with the program director. While everyone has been extremely encouraging, I'm very nervous!

I'm applying to the bachelor's to DNP track (as opposed to the MSN to DNP) with the ACNP focus. I'm currently a senior level nursing student in an associate degree program and will graduate in May 2009. I'm also a graduate student and will graduate with a MS in healthcare administration and management in June 2009. I've previously completed a bachelor's degree in psychology with a biology minor. My undergrad GPA is around 3.4, my nursing GPA is about 3.2 and my graduate GPA is 4.0. I took the GRE a couple of years ago and had a cumulative score around 1100 with a 5.5 in the writing. I've been working in healthcare for about 10 years, six of which as a paramedic, and have worked as a nursing assistant and in other roles.

I'm afraid that I'm not going to be very competitive because I previously applied to the MS Graduate Entry Program (GEP) at UIC and didn't get in. But I wasn't enrolled in my graduate program at the time. I've been told that the GEP is very competitive. From the DNP informational sessions, the program director said they expect about 50-60 DNP applicants and will accept about 20-25 students (total for both bachelors/BSN to DNP and MSN to DNP). Since I don't have a BSN, I'll have to start the program in the Fall by taking three undergraduate nursing courses (completely online) and can then progress to the grad courses. I was told by the program counselor that they don't have statistics available for admitted students because they vary so greatly and that no preference will be given to bachelors or BSN or MSN to DNP applicants. He advised me to not retake the GRE because they only recommend a score of 500 in each section (total 1000). But I did take a GRE prep course over the summer (I previously took the GRE without any preparation) so I don't know if I should retest. Also, the program "highly recommends" that recommendations (3 are required) come from doctorate-prepared individuals. This is no problem for my undergrad professor but my nursing program is all master's prepared faculty (except one which I don't have) and my other reference (from a professional organization that I'm very active in) is also master's prepared. My nursing instructor is a tenured professor, however, and my other reference is an advanced practice nurse.

Is anyone else applying??? I'd appreciate hearing from other applicants or potential applicants to (hopefully) ease my mind!!!

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