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UHG/Optum NP Housecalls


I have been working as an NP for 4 years in Texas. I have seen a lot of positions open recently for the United Healthcare/Optum NP Housecalls. If there are any nurse practitioners currently doing this anywhere in the US, I would love to get your insight. Some of the few posts on this subject are several years old. I read the reviews on some job sites and some are saying you work 60-hours for a 40-hour paying position. Thanks

I have also been interested in this and would love to hear others experience

I am hoping someone might respond to my post that works for United Healthcare. I just wanted to give an update that I applied and interviewed for a full-time position doing Housecalls. They mentioned a salary, bonus potential, and mileage per diem. I am not sure of the bottom line of what I would make. It sounds like it can vary. If someone is currently working for them and could give me any insight into working for them I would really appreciate it.