UH Manoa SON Fall 17


Hey all! Just wondering if there are any like me on this page applying to UH Manoa's SON. Kinda nervous, still currently studying for the TEAS. Has anyone applied yet?


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I'm planning to apply in December. I haven't taken the TEAS yet, but I'm planning to take it next month. Still studying here too. I was told that they are only looking at your cumulative GPA, pre-requisite GPA, and test scores when determining acceptance. Make sure you're gonna kill it in those 3 areas!


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Me too, I marked off November 10th to take it. I have a 4.0 pre req but my GPA is struggling at about a 3.3 (hopefully 3.5 by the end of this semester)! Good luck to the both of us, keep me posted on how you do! :)