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UF vs UCF Accelerated Nursing Programs

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I'm looking into the UF and UCF Accelerated Nursing Programs, and I'm really interested in any insights I can get. Has anyone attended either of these programs? Or heard anything? I've heard that the UF accelerated isn't as good as it's normal track, and that the clinicals are weird/different than any other program's, but I don't know if this is true or not... Anyway, thank you for the help!

I haven't heard anything about UF but UCF's program is a nightmare. UCF acts like this is their first year putting together this program. The program is intense but their lack of organization adds to the time and stress you endure. If you still want to apply to UCF, make sure you talk to a student in the program first. They probably have the program information and course material more clear and organized then the school does. Good Luck! :)

How is the GRE for UF vs the TEAS test for UCF? Does anyone have any experience with either test?

I am also a student in UCF's program, and I completely agree with the above poster that this program is a mess. I would definitely apply to other nursing programs in the state besides UCF to keep your options open. This program is unbelieveably unorganized, and many members of the staff/instructors are disrespectful to the students. We are not treated like adults at all. If I would have known it was going to be like this, I would have accepted with a different program.

I haven't taken the TEAS, just the GRE, but I know enough about it to compare the two. The TEAS test is different because it is made for nursing students and I know there's stuff on there from your anatomy and physiology courses. The GRE is very similar to the SAT in that there's a verbal and math section, and a writing section where you write an essay, and it's very, very difficult. The verbal section asks really advanced vocabulary (there's almost no way to prepare for that, besides becoming a walking human dictionary) and the math section isn't too difficult, but not easy by any means. I didn't think the GRE was too terrible, but it's definitely not an easy test and you need to prepare for it adequately. I also took the new version (revised).