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I live in San Diego and I was laid off from my clinical nurse III position at UCSD in HIV research. After spending almost five years doing lumbar punctures I was called in and coldly said that they could no longer afford me. We had just received a raise through our union CNA and they decided we cost too much. That was a year ago and I have been looking for a full time job since. I have been trying to get into Public Health Nursing and have only interviewed for two positions so far. Is there a secret to get into Public Health Nursing? Will San Diego County start hiring more PHNs when the economy turns around?? The RN job market here is so bad I cannot believe it. I am being told by Scripps, Sharp, and UC that I am not qualified to work in the units because I do not have recent clinical experience. Even though I had worked in the ER/ICU/ and flight nursing areas I am being turned away. I am very frustrated at this point. I have a great deal of experience in nursing and I cant get a job anywhere. I just signed up for a registry here in San Diego but they have not had any work at all. They told me that they could work me full time but I am cancelled every night. Why is it that the hospitals wont give me a job but I can work for the registry?? I dont feel that the hospitals are loyal to nurses at all..we are just a license and a means to make money to them. I never thought I would be unemployed after having gotten my BSN and obtained ten years of ER/ICU experience. When is this economy going to turn around so I can get a job??

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Oh wow! That is horrible. I am an RN in Los Angeles and had an issue finding a job last November. I finally went to work for Kaiser through my traveling agency but lost a ton of money!!

Hope it gets better soon!

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