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UCONN Cein 2015 June/August

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Hey everyone,

I was wondering if anyone is applying for the UCONN cein for 2015. I put my application in for Avery Point has a top choice and have one class left to take. I read other posts and saw a lot of Storrs and Waterbury.

Hi there,

I am also applying for the 2015 cycle and I put avery point as my first choice because I knew storrs would fill up quickly and stamford and waterbury way too far of a travel. Did you apply for the June 30th deadline?


I did put my application in around June 5th I believe but I do not think they reviewed it for the June deadline. I still had to finish the research methods and chemistry course. I completed research methods last week and am now in the process of completing chemistry which will be done by August 14th. My assumption is they will review my application for the August deadline but after reading some posts it's possible they might for June but doubtful. I think they like to have all of the courses complete before they review anything. Besides chemistry though everything is in so fingers crossed as the days go on. How about you?


I had everything completed for the June 30th review...has anyone heard back yet?