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Hello all!!!

I am applying to the UCLA MECN program, and am particulary interested in the program because of the cost and length (2 years)...

I am in the process of filling out my application, but I am just sooooo nervous because I am for sure not the best candidate out there :( I have a 3.3 GPA for my B.A. and am still working on pre-reqs... Currently I have about a 3.4 in pre-reqs but am still working on two of the hardest ones (micro and physio) and they are definetly kicking my butt!!! :(

However, my extracurricular activities are excellent and I think they demonstrate superb leadership skills as well as prove that I am a well-rounded person and I genuinely care about others...

What I want to hear is any success stories of people whose GPA's were not the best but still got in, and I want to hear about what the rest of your profiles looked like. I really believe I would be great for a program like this but I hate to think that a factor such as GPA will hinder me :(

If you want to hear about my extracurricular/work experience...:

I have worked as an assistant to a nurse for 2 years (however, not in a bed-side setting, she is a department administrator in a clinic).

I volunteered at a brest center for about 3-4 months.

I have been working with a youth group as a leader for 3 years and have been president of the group for the last year. This is a very hard and time consuming position!!! But I love interacting with my youth and have built strong relationships... My question is, how important are religious organization involvements?

I have been working as a tutor/teacher assistant/mentor pretty much ever since I graduated from high school...

And as much as I would want to devote 100% of my time to my studies, working has always been a necessity and not an option for me, coming from a low-income family of first gen. americans... My parents have not always been able to provide for me, so I have been working ever since I was 16, sometimes up to 3 jobs!!! But I have never quit school for longer than a summer semester.

I am including all these things in my personal statement, but what do you all suggest? I don't want to seem like I am asking for pity by talking about how miserable my life has been!!! Any help would be appreciated! :)

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